Top 6 Casual Games for Android and iOS: Addictive and Easy-to-Play Options in 2023

Today we’re sharing the top 6 casual games for both Android and iOS that you must check out in 2023. Whether you’re waiting for the bus, on your lunch break, or just killing some time, these games are the perfect solution for a quick, fun-filled gaming session.

Casual Games for Android

1. Stardew Valley

Slug: stardew-valley-android-ios

Stardew Valley is an addictive farming simulation game where you can grow crops, raise animals, fish, mine, and even fall in love. This game is beautifully designed and is great for players looking for a relaxed gaming experience.

Android Download URL: Stardew Valley Android

iOS Download URL: Stardew Valley iOS

2. Monument Valley 2

Slug: monument-valley-2-android-ios

Monument Valley 2 is a mesmerizing puzzle game that captivates you with its stunning graphics and serene soundtrack. Guide Ro and her child through enchanting paths and unravel the mysteries of this wonderful world.

Android Download URL: Monument Valley 2 Android

iOS Download URL: Monument Valley 2 iOS

3. Crossy Road

Slug: crossy-road-android-ios

Crossy Road is a fun, arcade-style game where you guide a variety of characters across busy roads, train tracks, and rivers. The simple, addictive gameplay, and charming graphics make it a casual gaming delight.

Android Download URL: Crossy Road Android

iOS Download URL: Crossy Road iOS

4. Candy Crush Saga

Slug: candy-crush-saga-android-ios

Candy Crush Saga is a match-three puzzle game that’s synonymous with the term ‘casual gaming’. With thousands of levels and challenging puzzles, this sweet game is sure to keep you entertained.

Android Download URL: Candy Crush Saga Android

iOS Download URL: Candy Crush Saga iOS

5. Among Us

Slug: among-us-android-ios

Among Us is a multiplayer party game where you and your friends complete tasks on a spaceship. But beware – one of you is an imposter. This game is great for those who enjoy mystery and strategy in their casual gaming.

Android Download URL: Among Us Android

iOS Download URL: Among Us iOS

6. Subway Surfers

Slug: subway-surfers-android-ios

Subway Surfers is an endless runner mobile game. Dodge oncoming trains, obstacles, and escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog. With colorful graphics and easy controls, it’s an excellent choice for a casual game.

Android Download URL: Subway Surfers Android

iOS Download URL: Subway Surfers iOS

Explore these exciting casual games on your Android or iOS device and enjoy hours of easy, accessible fun. These top picks are perfect for all ages and skill levels, offering a delightful escape for every casual gamer.

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