Today Match Prediction Women’s Super League Western Storm v Surrey Stars

Today match Prediction women's super league Semi Final

Western Storm v Surrey Stars today match prediction, Ball by Ball score, today matches news who will win this match. This match will be played on 7th of August, . This is the 8th T20 match of Women’s Cricket Super League between Western Storm v Surrey Stars. If you want to see it then you can watch it on Local Channel. Storm v Surrey Stars will face each other on Sunday 7 August, . This would be the 8th T20 match of this Women Super League. The venue for the match is County Ground, Bristol.

Western Storm v Surrey Stars Today Match Preview

Western Storm Women team will play this match against Surrey Stars which is the 8th T20 match of Women Cricket League. Both teams have professional batting and bowling lineup. They have won one match each in their previous games in this League. Both teams have lost one of their matches. The last match of Western Storm was against Loughborough Lightning which they lost by 5 runs. Loughborough Lightning won the toss and elected to bat first. They made 158 runs on the loss of 8 wickets while using all 20 overs of the match. Western Storm could not chase this total and could only reach to 153 runs in their batting. So Western Storm lost this match by 5 runs. On other side Surrey Stars have the same situation. They have lost one match and also won one of them. There would be a close match today between these teams.

Western Storm v Surrey Stars Today Match Tips

Western Storm will win the toss choose to field and will win the match. Both teams are of equal strength and have good players. The team which will bat first will have more chances to win this match. So if Western Storm wins the toss then they would be the possible winners.

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Today Match Prediction Women’s Super League Semi Final

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  2. Welcome to women’s cricket super league?
    Today’s coming one match

    Western Storm Vs Surrey stars

    Toss-western storm
    Match-western storm✌✌

    Remember me in your prayers who’s following my report?

  3. Today match is westren strom vs surry star”s

    Toss ……… surry star”s
    Match ……….. westren strom
    So no any confusion just go with westren strom and cash in ………
    Gud luck ……….. westren strom
    Follow me ……..
    Dhoni mani ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    8TH T20 MATCH
    ***SURREY STARS****************

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