Today Match Prediction UAE vs Oman 3rd ODI Match October 17th

Today Match Prediction UAE vs Oman 3rd ODI Match October 17th | Ball by Ball live score prediction. Who will win this UAE vs Oman 3rd ODI Match of ? In the 1st ODI match of UAE vs Oman, UAE team won by 40 runs and in 2nd ODI match UAE again won with 6 wickets and 53 balls remaining. UAE vs Oman 3rd ODI Match scheduled at ICC Global Cricket Academy, Dubai at 10:00 local time (06:00 GMT | 11:00 PKT). Get ball by ball score, Cricinfo, today match toss prediction, match prediction & score update and live cricket live from this platform.

UAE ODI team is leading by Amjad Javed who is a right-hand batsman and a right-arm Medium fast bowler. On the other hand, Oman ODI team is led by Ajay Lalcheta who is a left-hand batsman. So who will win today match UAE vs Oman 3rd ODI Match ?

Today Match Prediction UAE vs Oman 3rd ODI Match October 17th

Today Match Prediction UAE vs Oman 3rd ODI Match October 17th

Today Match Prediction UAE vs Oman 3rd ODI Match October 17th

Who Will Win Oman Vs UAE 3rd ODI TOSS – UAE

Who Will Win Oman Vs UAE 3rd ODI MATCH – UAE

UAE Squad 

Amjad Javed, Ahmed Raza, Chirag Suri, Manjula Guruge, Mohammad Naveed, Swapnil Patil, Rohan Mustafa, Shaiman Anwar, Rohit Singh, Mohammad Shahzad, Saqlain Haider, Yodhin Punja, Laxman Sreekumar, Usman Mushtaq, Zaheer Maqsood, Qadeer Ahmed, Muhammad Usman, Mohammed Qasim, Fahad Tariq, Imran Haider, Farhan Ahmed, Muhammad Kaleem, Rameez Shahzad, Ghulam Shabber, Muhammed Shanil, Atif Ali Khan.

Oman Squad

Amir Ali, Jatinder Singh, Arun Poulose, Vaibhav Wategaonkar, Zeeshan Siddiqui, Munis Ansari, Ajay Lalcheta, Mohammad Nadeem, Rajeshkumar Ranpura, Sufyan Mehmood, Mehran Khan, Zeeshan Maqsood, Khawar Ali, Swapnil Khadye, Twinkal Kumar Bhandari

43 thoughts on “Today Match Prediction UAE vs Oman 3rd ODI Match October 17th”

  1. my team Western aAustralia will win.
    happy all my or loss its part of game,so, wait wait and see

  2. My winner team again


    becareful play safe

    follow me or not only yours choice.

    1. hoo something mistake. i say becarefull play safe because this match i have no confident. no matter allyaes play loss to Twomorro win,today win to Twomorro tension. next time i strongly come back

  3. woow

    win win win










    1. huge losss bro!!
      but not fact!! I hope our tomorrow will be come with a golden fortune

  4. ISL 2016-Pune city fc vs Kerala blasters-match winner…….KERALA BLASTERS 1000%…….Englis premier league-liver pool vs man utd-match winner….LIVER POOL 1000%…….Stay with me guys…

  5. hi jakaria boss .. gooood moooorning…. and
    wait ur owesome predic … pls cone and tell
    me who won today match … i w8 for u…. pls
    early …
    l lov so much

  6. UAE v Oman 3rd ODI

    ♧♧♧UAE win ♧♧♧

    RSA women v NZ women

    ♧♧♧NZ women win ♧♧♧

    ♤♤♤cricket 360 ♤♤♤

  7. UAE will win the match
    But it’s will b very tight match both team will b favourite several times but stay with UAE

    1. Keya? ?

      do u never loss 2 match???

      yes, i loss 2 match….

      i mentioned that! i have the brave to say the truth! !!

      yes yesterday
      victoria – loss
      eng w – loss

      so, what???

    2. last 2 days i won all match!!

      yesterday – 2 loss
      India * pass

      my follower kknow that!!!

      everyone may loss brother …
      but that dosent means he is gone his all way…

      bingo sir also loss 2 match,
      so, should i said to him – you r a losser??
      no its not a proper way. .

      let’s brother make a family.

      best of luck brother.

    3. what’s problem Black. two three four loss its no matter.born is a professional ppredictor.i know him, he is a good man but who are is not work.please safely ttalking any man.

    4. thanks my loving brother Jakaria.

      it is not a serious matter…

      skip this…

      i don’t listen this type of comment

    5. nothing is sure on this earth!! they just predict & help us to gain something!!
      I m alsoo huge loss in the UAE match!! but not fact!! I always be with them!! coz they r really such good preditor!!

      so don’t be upset & blame on them!!
      bro Black!!

    1. Ha ha ha………
      Raj vai……. just look at to the Cricket Born For bettings(Shwopno)’s post. In there Black vai means…. Cricket Born for bettings will fail in both matches.

      But in his OWN post Black post USA ( May be he wants to mean UAE)
      so, if USA=UAE then once Black said Cricket Born For Betting will faill with UAE. So, what that mean??? Is this a another UAE in the world for u MR. Black???

      Mr. Black……. Its a natural think.
      While u want to make someone insult…… GOD punished u by that same event.

      Ur the looser not the CRICKET BORN FOR BETTING.

    2. stay calm criccrazzy brother.
      thanks for supporting me…

      happy to see your love for me…

      black brother, i don’t want to ask u why u said that…
      you have the right to ask anything.

      just one request create a happy family

      smile for u…

    3. Cricket born of betting
      You are super,Black mind is always narrow. They always blemed all guyes.Ignore him…..!!!You are Rock,Aj apni Kichu Jackpot match diben,,,I am waiting

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