Sachin Tendulkar Records – The Uncrowned God of Cricket

Sachin Tendulkar Records

Sachin Tendulkar Records, Let us look closely at the life of the Indian man known popularly as the God of cricket and the records he made In his cricket career.

The Beginning Of Sachin Tendulkar

Born in Mumbai in 1973, the God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar started playing in the streets with one aim in mind and that is to become the best in the business. Little did he know that the list of Sachin Tendulkar Records will be infinite by the time he reaches the end of his career. Whether you look at Tendulkar’s runs in ODIS or you look at Sachin Tendulkar’s runs in tests, you’ll find yourself mumbled to see the magic that he made on the pitch. It was impossible to not notice his presence on the pitch. Ever since joining the Indian Cricket Academy back in the 80’s, Tendulkar’s run average was spectacular and one that couldn’t miss the eye. Maybe that was one the many reasons why at the age of 18 when most men only watch the match on a television screen, Sachin Tendulkar played with some of the most legendary names in Indian Cricket History. However, what I would like to point out is that those legends never knew that Sachin Tendulkar’s performances will one day make him a far better player and performer on the pitch than them.

Sachin Tendulkar Records

International cricket career of Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar’s ODI Debut took place in 1989 against one of the fiercest rivals of team India, that’s right we’re talking about team Pakistan. Sachin made his ODI Debut in Karachi and made sure that he made a mark on the pitch but just was able to make around 25 runs. Not even Sachin Tendulkar knew that he would be the record holder for most runs made in ODIS. With around 18, 426 runs for Tendulkar in ODI, he’s rightfully called the God of Cricket. Let us follow up on how this Mumbai, Maharashtra boy became a cricketing legend.

Sachin tendulkar records list

The Legacy

It all started in 1990 when Sachin Tendulkar started to make sure his legacy on the pitch is made forever. The Sachin Tendulkar Records List is perhaps one list that’s the longest when it comes to sports. In this article we talk about some of the Best Sachin Tendulkar Records that can’t be replaced in this lifetime. Let us shed some light on what the living legend left on the cricketing pitch.


Sachin tendulkar records list

Sachin Tendulkar Test Cricket Runs:

Sachin Tendulkar made his mark on the gentlemen’s style of play in cricket with his record in Test Cricket. Sachin Tendulkar is the only player to score 15,921 runs in Test Cricket format. With this Sachin Tendulkar Test Stat,  you can mark in one thing and that’s the fact that no one can change the legacy that was built by the God of cricket himself.

 Test Matches Played:

With the longest format in Cricket being Test match, not many players accomplish even appearing in most of these matches. This is also a record held by Sachin Tendulkar which can’t be replaced. Sachin Tendulkar’s Most Test Appearance Record stands for 200 test matches that is second to none.

Most ODI Matches Played:

Even though most players accomplish appearances in the ODI, they really can’t match the record held by Sachin Tendulkar for most appearances in ODI matches. Sachin Tendulkar’s Most ODI Appearances Record is contains a tally of 463 which is nowhere near to any other player in the world.

The Real Centurion

When we talk about Sachin Tendulkar’s Centuries in ODI, there are literally hundreds of matches that come to mind. Why? Because Sachin Tendulkar was the first player to make a double century EVER. Sachin Tendulkar’s Century Record is another one that just can’t ne changed. The tally for Sachin’s Most Centuries in ODIs is one that literally causes every other eye to pop. Sachin Tendulkar Scored around 100 centuries all in all which is the most number of centuries ever made by a single player. Yet another amazing record held by the champion.

Sachin Tendulkar Scored World Cup Records:

When we’re talking about Sachin Tendulkar’s Records and Sachin Tendulkar’s Centuries how can be miss, Sachin Tendulkar’s World Cup Records? Sachin Tendulkar is the only player to score the most number of centuries in world cup history with 6 centuries named to himself in the world cup.

Sachin Tendulkar Records

Sachin Tendulkar Records Fastest Runs Scored:

Sachin Tendulkar’s Fastest Run Record is the one to be discussed the least yet it is the most impressive one. Tendulkar is the only player to score 15000 runs. He is also the fastest player to score 11000, 12000, 13000, 14000 runs and 15000 runs.

The legacy of Sachin Tendulkar just can’t be replaced. According to Navjot Singh Sidhu, there was never a man made to play and love cricket as much as Sachin Tendulkar. Well, we stand by the words he said. These were some of the biggest records held by Sachin Tendulkar. Make sure you get the most out of Sachin Tendulkar’s records by looking around on the web. The list would be huge so make sure you have enough time to read about the God of cricket. His presence magnifies player’s performances and his ideas make sure that everyone believes there can be nobody better than him. So, the next time you watch a cricket match or listening ball by ball cricket commentary , make sure it has Sachin Tendulkar in it so you know it’s legendary from the very start.

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