Matador BBQs One-Day Cup Today Match Prediction New South Wales Vs Tasmania

Matador BBQs One-Day Cup Today Match Prediction New South Wales Vs Tasmania

Matador BBQs One-Day Cup Today Match Prediction New South Wales Vs Tasmania Oct 9th, | Ball by Ball live score Prediction. Who will win New South Wales Vs Tasmania 9th Match of MATADOR BBQS ONE-DAY CUP? Get a ball by ball live score, today match toss prediction, match prediction & match update from here. New South Wales Vs Tasmania 9th ODI match will start at Hurstville Oval, Sydney on Oct 9, , at 10:30 local time (23:30 GMT -1d | 04:30 PKT). If you want to watch New South Wales Vs Tasmania match then you can watch this match on Local Channel & get today match predictions on this our cricket platform of Here you can see previous Matador BBQs One-Day Cup Predictions.

New South Wales team in MATADOR BBQS ONE-DAY CUP is leading by MC Henriques who is a right-hand fast bowler and a right-hand batsman. On the other hand, Tasmania team is led by TD Paine who is a right-hand batsman and a wicket-keeper. In Matador BBQs One-Day Cup Today Match Prediction New South Wales Vs Tasmania. So who will win New South Wales Vs Tasmania match which is the 9th match in MATADOR BBQS ONE-DAY CUP?

Matador BBQs One-Day Cup Today Match Prediction New South Wales Vs Tasmania Oct 9,

Matador BBQs One-Day Cup Today Match Prediction New South Wales Vs Tasmania Oct 9,

Matador BBQs One-Day Cup Today Match Prediction New South Wales Vs Tasmania Oct 9



Who will win New South Wales Vs Tasmania TOSS – New South Wales

Who will win New South Wales Vs Tasmania MATCH – New South Wales

New South Wales Team
DE Bollinger, RGL Carters, HNA Conway, EJM Cowan, BJ Dwarshuis, CJ Green, MC Henriques*, DP Hughes, NM Lyon, NJ Maddinson, PM Nevill†, KR Patterson, GS Sandhu.

Tasmania Team
JM Bird, CJ Boyce, XJ Doherty, AJ Doolan, JR Doran, BR Dunk, AL Fekete, HP Kingston, BR McDermott, DP Michael, S Milenko, TD Paine*†, CAH Stevenson, BJ Webster.

59 thoughts on “Matador BBQs One-Day Cup Today Match Prediction New South Wales Vs Tasmania”

  1. Last two matches completely non favourite team won …i told u in the beginning only …doolan dooran boyce milenko are the players to watch out for…best of luck for the next matches

  2. abhi and rock are all happy.Tasmania will win.just wait. all time not, wait wait…………. all predictor not follower and all followers not a prrdictor. just wait and see……….

  3. i see all follower are predictor. all are send to open challenge any profesonal predictor. what’s problem.This is not good.i am very sockd.also very very sockd xxxbingo.

  4. ???MATADOR CUP???


    ☞☞ QEENSLAND WIN✴✴✴✴?

    ☞☞ NSW WIN ✴✴✴✴✴✴?

  5. NEW South Wales will win 100%
    South Australia Will WIN match 100%
    England will win
    Australia Will WIN

  6. Hey my dear all of fans now the time is today match predictions……
    Today total 4 matches I predict…..
    1st match South Africa Vs Australia ~ South Africa win this match sure……
    2nd match Bangladesh Vs England ~ England win this match sure…..
    3rd match ~ Tasmania win this match sure…..
    4th match ~ Queensland win this match sure……
    So no any confusion just go with South Africa, England , Tasmania and Queensland and cash in lot bcz I am here so nothing to fear everything is fair and lovely so no any confusion just stay with me your Sunjir boss 100% tips always…….

  7. Whenever we win only few appreciate us, but when we loose most of them say
    Big loss, huge loss, etc etc
    So plz try to understand we r just predictors not God nor the BCCI members or fixers,
    But still we try our level best

    Just think before posting how the predictor feels who is working hard day in dayout before commenting,
    Nobody forces u ll to follow anybody, it’s ur own choice

    Matador cup

    8 matches. 6 win 1 loss. 1 Nr

    But still people say huge loss

    Plz try to understand we too r humans like u people not gods

    From today onwards Plz don’t follow me,

    Thnx and love u all

    1. RESPECTED Bingo Sir , you are the greatest predictor I ever seen. Sir you are the only person from whom we have got too much profits . Sir you will be always our hero . Sir for few person don’t leave this great work. Hats off to you sir..

    2. Bingo i agree for your comment.all predictor simple man not, understand to all followers. Thanks Bingo.

  8. 09/10/2016
    ★★My winner team★★



    all my followers pls follow me or not only yours personal choice.i no say jackpot or loss cover, any followers allways see my prediction.when i say loss cover game that time sure win.ok


  9. Jalwa dikhana ka Time a gya.
    ♻♻ Toss~Tasmania♻♻
    ♻♻ Match~Tasmania♻♻
    TO ALL ….♻♻ SUNDAY ♻♻
    MERA HOGA ♻♻

    ♻ TOSS ~ Queensland ♻
    ♻ Match~Queensland ♻
    “My Prediction”

    1. OK boss I accept your challenge….Today tasmania lossss….
      And queensland losssssss
      Only NSW and SA winnnnnnnn

    2. Open challenge pass
      Tasmania pass??
      Queensland pass??

      Bola tha Sunday mera hoga..
      Follow me or Not who ap par depend he….
      “My Prediction”

  10. Matador BBQs Ond Day Cup 2016

    South Australia vs QueeNsLand

    Match ~ QueensLand

    FolloW Or Not Me.

    3rd umpire

  11. Matador BBQs One Day Cup 2016

    Tasmania vs New South Wales

    Toss ~ Dous’nt Mater
    Match ~ New South WaleS

    Key Player ~ Ed CoWan, Nic MaddinSon, Moises HenriQueS, Peter NeviLL, Pat CumminS.

    FolloW Or Not Me.

    3rd umpire

  12. Tasmania vs NSW

    1.match is in sydney ground, spinners get some advantage

    2.Tasmania lost the previous match because of DL…it was easy match for Tasmania against queensland they were needed to score at 6.5 RPO…but it was there bad luck

    3.Cricket aus bowling is very weak in these tournament, NSW scored 300 plus against them

    4.boyce ,doherty are one of the spinners who can watch out far.

    5.NSW completely dependent on henriques in the middle order

    6.dooran ,doolan , milenko are the youngsters who can bat very good. the last match of NSW vs cric aus
    Henriques bolwed 2.4 overs and dwarshuis bolwed 5.2 overs …i dont exactly but someone might be injured or it may not be

    8.NSW is always a favourite with big names…opening odds for them is 65ps …
    9.practice match they last against tansmania only ..NSW scored 204 in 50 overs .tasmania chased down with 7 wickets remaining.

    with balanced batting and bowling i going with tasmania.. hope tasmania will win

    1. Just check the twitter account of their respective team teams…it has happend during September month

  13. ? 9-10-2016 ???

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    ?Queensland Vs South Australia

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    ?England Vs Bangladesh

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    ?No Chance 2 Loss?

    ?COOL MAN?
    EKchoy aatDUI CHARaat 0 duiAAT tension just stay with me.buje nite hobe.


  17. ##: Don’t be ….. Hopeless..!!
    Coz, Today (BBq) is my Wining Team…..
    1: Tasminaa And
    2: Quesland.
    Cash × Double = Enjoy

    1. Check before posting
      My name is indian

      Silents mad fan

      Cricket in depth


      Etc we all are with western australia
      And won…..

      Any doubts

      Proud ti be an indian

    2. Haa haa haa..

      Mera name / mera BOSS ✈Silent Mad✈/Rational Sir ko name nehi diyenga! LoL.
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      Thanks @@ Indian.

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