Google assistant tell me a joke

For as long as people have been telling jokes, Google has been listening. And now, with the release of Google Assistant, you can ask it to tell jokes for you! Just type in “Google Assistant joke” into the search bar on your phone or computer, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Google has a pretty good joke library already built in, so you can start off by asking it to tell you one of its favorites. After that, you can get really creative and experiment with different types of jokes. For example, if you’re looking for a funny seasonal joke, try asking Google what the best joke about Christmas is.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a digital assistant that can help you with a variety of tasks. You can use it to control music, Nest devices, and more. It’s always ready to help with a quick joke or funny story.

How to use Google Assistant

If you’re looking for a quick laugh, there’s no need to look any further than Google Assistant. Just ask it a joke and see what happens! Here are four of our favorites:

What do you call a three-legged elephant?

A tricycle!

How to joke with Google Assistant

Google’s assistant can be used to tell jokes. For example, say you want to know what the weather is like today. Just ask Google, “What’s the weather like?” and the assistant will reply with a joke.
Here are three jokes you can try:

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road? A: To get to the other side!

Q: Why did the tomato cross the road? A: To get to the other side!

Q: Why did the banana cross the road? A: Because he was sick of being mashed!

Tips for using Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a powerful tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. One of the most fun uses for it is telling jokes. Here are some tips for getting started:

1. Start by asking Google what jokes are available. You can say, “What jokes do you have?” or “Can you tell me a joke?” You’ll see a list of jokes and the option to add one to your queue.

2. If you don’t want to wait for Google to respond, you can use voice commands to get jokes right away. For example, you can say, “Hey Google, tell me a joke.” You’ll see the same list of jokes as in step 1, but with the option to choose one to add to your queue.

3. If you want to try a different joke, you can say, “I want a new joke.” This will take you to Google’s Jokes page where you can browse through different categories and choose one to try.

4. If you’re not sure if a joke is appropriate for your audience, you can ask Google for help. For example, say, “Is this a good joke for kids?” or “Should


Google Assistant is a powerful tool that can do just about anything you might need it to. But what if you want it to tell you a joke? Well, that’s easy enough to do. Just say, “Hey Google, tell me a joke.” and the assistant will respond with one of its hilarious jokes. If you’re curious about what other funny things Google Assistant can do, be sure to check out our guides on using Google Assistant for tasks like setting alarms and managing your day-to-day calendar.

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