Coronavirus(Covid-19). GOD PROTECT THE WORLD.

Coronavirus(Covid-19). GOD  PROTECT THE WORLD.

The pestilence corona virtually the entire world is inaccessible. Curfew is being issued in the country to control the movement of people. This curfew is not meant to capture any state power, but to control movement outside the home to protect the people of the country. From this, it is estimated that people around the world have become so helpless with coronavirus.
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) warns people all over the world to survive the plague. There is nothing that can be done that will bring down upon people a great test or a wrath from God.
Hadrat Abdullah bin Omar The Prophet (peace be upon him) came to us and said, “O Muhajir! You will be tested on five issues. But I seek refuge with Allah so that you do not meet Him.

  • When public pornography spreads among a nation, there is an outbreak of plague. Moreover, diseases arise that have never been seen in the past.
  • When a nation is weighed down in weight and size, it comes down to famine, severe havoc.
  • When a nation does not collect zakat, the rain from the sky is stopped. If there were no livestock and silent animals on the ground, it would never rain.
  • When a nation breaks the covenant of Allah and His Messenger, Allah rules over them as an alien enemy, and he takes away their wealth.
  • When your rulers do not make decisions according to the Book of Allah and do not accept the revelations of Allah, Allah will set war on each other. “(Ibn Majah)
    There are virtually all causes of pandemic in the present world. Pornography is almost everywhere in the world, such as the flood, the weight of the weight loss is moving around the world.
    Though the environment of the poor helpless people screams hunger and poverty, it does not reach the voice of the rich people of the society. The wealthy are not collecting the proper zakat of their wealth. Zakat is obligatory on that person. The lack of poverty and helplessness is eliminated by giving some of it. Whenever people refrain from giving zakat, the Almighty Allah stops the rain in the world.
    Allah Almighty has given the Quran as a way of life for people. Compliance with this Qur’an is a must for every man and woman. People are also giving up small instructions on various excuses. However, with the exception of the provision of Allah, the punishment comes to the world from God. The common people also suffer this punishment. Atrocities come upon them. Such is the declaration of Hadith.
    People will be subjected to oppression if they do justice to their own mind without following the rules of the Quran. And then there is no barrier with Majlum and Allah. And in it the wrath and wrath of God descends into the world. This hadeeth has been said in Hadith. In the hadith, the beloved Prophet sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam prayed to God for his people to seek shelter from it.
    At this time of the outbreak of the deadly pestilence coroner, every person should avoid the wrongdoing of God. Implementation of Hadith properly. May Allaah bless the Muslim Ummah to refrain from the five acts mentioned in the hadith.

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