Uefa Euro 2016 Prediction

Belgium vs Republic of Ireland Prediction Head to Head Preview Euro 2016

When is Belgium vs Republic of Ireland in Euro 2016?

Belgium vs Republic of Ireland Match Prediction Head to Head Preview Euro 2016, UEFA Euro Tournament Schedule 2016 Timetable Fixtures in IST Indian Standard Time, UEFA Euro 2016 today match prediction, where to watch live match on BBC.Belgium vs Republic

Belgium vs Republic of Ireland Match Time

Date: 18.06.2016

Time: 6:30 IST (1:00 pm GMT)

Belgium vs Republic of Ireland will face each other in the 16th match of Euro 2016 on Saturday June 18, 2016 on 6:30 PM in Indian Standard Time and 1:00 Pm GMT. The venue for this match is the Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux in Bordeaux. This match will live broadcast on BBC.

Belgium vs Republic of Ireland Lineup

Belgium Lineup: Courtois – Ciman, Alderweireld, Vermaelen, Vertonghen – Witsel, Nainggolan – De Bruyne, Fellaini, Hazard – Lukaku

Republic of Ireland Lineup: Randolph; Coleman, O’Shea, Clark, Brady; McCarthy, Whelan, Hendrick; Hoolahan; Walters, Long

Belgium vs Republic of Ireland Prediction Head to Head Preview Euro 2016

Ireland will try to get the benefits of Belgium’s defeat from the Italy psychologically in the ground on 18th June because this defeat has left a dangerous impression on the team of Belgium. The fans of Belgium team are very disappointed by this type of defeat which was without any reply by this team. Italy played very well and energetically. They posted two goals in the goal post of Belgium but they did not do a single goal against them and lost the match. So the supporters were not happy with such defeat against Italy. And fans are hoping for a win for their team so that they could see more competitions of their team in Euro 2016 which is only possible if Belgium avoid from early exit from this tournament. Belgium team will try their best to win this game at any cost because it is compulsory for them to be alive in the tournament otherwise they will be out of this tournament too early which they would never want nor their fans will bear it.

On the other side Ireland is ready to take tough time to Belgium by getting the benefit of their pressure of last lost match against Italy. It is true that Belgium would be under pressure in this game because it is compulsory for them to win this game or make it a drawn game. Although it is not an impossible job yet it would be very difficult for them in this type of situation where the opponent has already won their first match and has earned three points. Ireland team is confident and has earned some points by defeating Sweden in their opening match so they are hungry to win this match. Ireland will not lose any point scoring against Belgium when they are coming with one lost match and striving for a win or drawn game. If Ireland wins this game then it will provide them a step forward to the next round so they don’t want to lose this chance. There are greater chances for Ireland that they will win this match.

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